Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interpersonal Skills In PE

On Thursday our class had to complete a team building activity by swinging on a rope to a blue mat across a no touch zone.

I demonstrated the interpersonal skill supporting and encouraging others by cheering on and showing my teammates how to complete the task. I showed the non confident participants how to swing across the mat hoping it will give them an idea of how to perform the task and gain confidence.

By supporting and encouraging my teammates it helped give them more confidence to perform the task. This improved success because others were attempting the task and completing it.Then I encouraged them to do exactly what I did, hoping they were able to perform the task.
refection-during this topic i had learnt that encouraging and supporting others effects every  individual in the team, (how they feel)

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  1. Kia ora Semisi,
    I am working with Angela and Troy to get the blogs up and running.
    Great to read about you demonstrating an interpersonal skill. These 'soft skills' are really important and employers are looking for these. Check this list out: